Safe Sport

Why is Safe Sport Important?

UWH SG is committed to ensuring that all participants in its community play, practice, compete, officiate, work, volunteer, and interact in a positive environment, free from harassment and abuse.

It is important to ensure a safe sporting environment for everyone.

Acts of misconduct which are sexual, psychological and physical in nature can threaten the safety of sporting individuals and jeopardise a safe sporting environment.

Is there an authority on Safe Sport in Singapore?

The Safe Sport Commission, which maintains a secretariat that is responsible for the administration of the Safe Sport Unified and the Safe Sport Programme*, is the authority of Safe Sport.

For more information on the Safe Sport Commission Singapore, click here.

*The Safe Sport Unified Code and the Safe Sport Programme form the national framework for safeguarding in sport.

How can one report a Safe Sport concern?

You may report a Safe Sport concern either to UWH SG or to the Safe Sport Commission.

To report to UWH SG, please email UWH SG's appointed Safeguarding Officer at [email protected]

To report it to the Safe Sport Commission please fill in the form here.

For emergencies requiring immediate police assistance, call 999 or lodge a report at any police station or via the Police E-Service page.

If you feel unsure about an encounter, you may also reach out to the following:

  • Sexual Assault Care Centre Helpline: 6779 0282
  • Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) Helpline: 1800 777 5555